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Off-Canvas Menu

  • johnottomagee

    Hello Folks !

    I tried my best.
    Put about an hour into it.
    Could not find a solution.

    Not a complaint.
    Just want you to know that
    I tried first before asking
    for help.

    Please go to:

    Click on the menu top-right.
    Then choose Contrasts_Process.

    “Discipline vs. Deviation” is the sub-submenu
    which stretches furthest to the right.

    See at both the top (Countries) and the
    bottom (Patterns) of the off-canvas menu
    the dark-gray background of the main content-
    space bleeding to the left into (overlapping into)
    the off-canvas menu.

    If I recall correctly that is the main
    container on the site which houses the

    Unfortunately, I could not find the settings
    which would enable me to reduce that container’s
    left margin so that it no longer overlaps into
    the off-canvas menu.

    Please point me to that setting.
    Or is a CSS necessary?

    Thanks !


  • Hi John,

    You have this CSS:

    div.slideout-overlay {
        left: 264px;

    Can you try removing it?

  • johnottomagee

    It worked beautifully, Ying.
    Thank you.
    And thanks for responding so quickly.


  • No Problem John!

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