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Off-Canvas Menu necessary?

  • johnottomagee

    Hello Folks !

    A few days ago David helped me set up a
    primary navigation on UC.

    Please see:

    Before I had an Off-Canvas navigation.
    Which David had also helped me set up.

    Now that I have a primary navigation, is there
    any reason to retain the Off-Canvas navigation,
    and its related CSS?

    As I understand GP, when one looks at UC with
    its primary navigation on a mobile device they
    will automatically get a hamburger menu top-right.

    And that hamburger menu will display on mobile
    the same navigation-items which are displayed
    on the primary navigation on a wide screen.

    Is that correct?



  • Hi there,

    by default GP will display a hamburger menu that simply adds a drop down menu when opened.

    However sites with long menus, displayed on small mobile devices can result in the menu overflowing the length of the screen, and this can lead to a poor UX as its not so easy to scroll the menu when that happens ( especially with sticky navigation ).

    We therefore recommend using the Off Canvas Panel for your type of menu.

  • johnottomagee

    I got it.
    Thank you for the explanation, David.


  • You’re welcome

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