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On pagination in ‘Info’ theme

  • Hello support team,

    I have a question regarding the ‘Info’ theme of Generatepress.

    When I use the browser to the type in Page 2 ( – instead of 404 Error, it shows the homepage again. It also doesn’t look like a 301 redirect.

    Is this an issue with the theme? How do we solve this? I’m not looking to have any pagination, but this is something that caught my eye while testing the theme.


  • Hi Shr,

    That’s not a theme issue. GP doesn’t have control over the Permalink structure.

    WordPress allows page/2 even if it doesn’t exist. It should show “page 1” of the page view if it isn’t paged.

  • Hi Fernando,

    Thank you for the reply. I have another question, would request you to accommodate it within this thread.

    In the Info theme homepage, there is a tint/filter on the thumbnails (Featured image) on top section. Is there a way to reduce this tint so that the image looks more transparent?


  • Hi there,

    1. edit the homepage, and edit the Post Template block that is inside the 2 x Query Loop blocks
    2. in the blocks settings Background increase or decrease the Opacity value

  • Thank you David & Fernando!

  • You’re welcome

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