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Page crashed while using GB plugin

  • Hi

    When I’m using responsive mode in Generate Blocks, editor gets frozen, and then, after minute (more or less), page is crashed.

    Any advice?

    Video link:

    Works fine (but not smooth) with Gutenberg beta plugin installed. WordPress 6.2.2, Blocksy Theme.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi DamianP,

    What browser are you using? On a different browser, does the same issue occur?

  • On Opera editor is crashed, on Safari or Chrome works, but switching views takes a long time (even 2 – 3 minutes).

  • Does the page contain query loop blocks?

  • No, just few core and GB blocks.

  • Works fine (but not smooth) with Gutenberg beta plugin installed.

    Does disabling the Gutenberg beta plugin help?

    Does the crash happen on a page without GB blocks?

  • Without GB all works fine. With GB Works much better with active Gutenberg beta plugin. Now, for testing, I disable Gutenberg plugin, works ok so far. I think the problem is showing up when browser window is opened some time without refreshing – maybe it’s browser’s RAM issue?

  • I can’t tell the exact cause of this issue without some more digging.

    If it persists, can you make a staging site and let us know the exact steps to replicate the issue so we can do some more testing?

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Currently this site (which I was talking about of the issue) is almost done, but if in next project I notice the same issue, I’ll do that and let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Keep us updated ๏ผš๏ผ‰

  • Hi! I get this issue again, on other site. I’m sending to you temporary login in private information. Here’s video:

  • Hi there,

    that page crashes for me too.
    So to check if GB is the issue, i copied the blocks from your homepage and pasted them into a local development server running GP, GB and GB Pro, and no other plugins.

    And i can report there is no issues editing the page.

    I switched to Blocksy Theme, it was a little sluggish in the editor but again there was no issue editing the page.

    On your site, I had a look at your Tools > Site Health, and the server has 256M of PHP Memory.
    Which may be the issue, can you try increasing that ?

    If the issue persists, can you disable other plugins or remove any child theme functions to eliminate conflicts

  • Ok, it seems to be problem with Blocksy Theme… after switching to default theme (with all plugins on) editor works ok. Increasing PHP memory doesn’t help.

    So if it’s theme problem, how we can resolve that issue? Could you give some clue to Blocksy devs how to fix that?

    edit: this issue doesn’t appear with Gutenberg beta plugin.

  • I would suggest you ask Blocksy support to have a look at any scripts they are running in the editor that loop over the blocks on a page.

    As i don’t think its a GB + Blocksy conflict, more likely an issue with Blocksy scripts running on complex pages ( eg. has a lot of nested blocks ).

    If theres something they can pinpoint as an issue and if theres anything we can do to improve on it in GB then we will help.

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