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Pattern Spacing

  • I’m getting desperate with theGBP patterns. I can’t cope with them at all. With almost all patterns, I have the problem that the spacing doesn’t match my previous content on the respective page at all.

    For example, I have now tried to insert an FAQ pattern under an existing article. I used pattern 16 for this because it looks like it has no spacing on the right and left in the preview.

    But as soon as I insert it into my article, it has strange spacing everywhere that doesn’t match the text of my article at all.

    It must be possible to make this FAQ section flush with my other text in the article.

    I can’t find a place where I can change the spacing.

    I just want the patterns to be flush with my other text. Where can I set this?

    Also, the font size of the text and headings and the spacing between paragraphs do not match my existing text at all.

  • Hi there,

    The patterns come with their own Global Styles, which may introduce additional spacing. Make sure to remove any global styles applied to the pattern so that it matches your existing setup.

  • How can I remove the global styles? And why are they there, if thy have to be removed?

  • Hi there,

    can you share a link to the page where we can see the issue ?
    We can then look to see what the disparity is and advise on what you need to do.

  • Hello David,

    Unfortunately not. I have now taken the FAQ from my theme after spending hours fiddling with the GBP pattern. It was not possible for me to edit the pattern to fit my site.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have had such problems with the patterns. In general, there are always problems with the spacing.

    Could you tell me how I can delete the global styles?

  • Go to GenearaetBlocks > global styles, you can delete global styles from there.

  • How do I know which global styles are from the pattern, from which I want to delete the global styles?

  • Every global style from the Pattern Library has a .gbp-* prefix, so you can identify which ones come from the Pattern Library.

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