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PHP Fatal Error from GeneratePress Header.php

  • We just hired a server expert to diagnose our site having major problems. One of the first things identified is a fatal PHP error caused by your header.php.

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function generate_do_microdata() in /home/

    Are you guys aware of this or seen it before? What is generate_do_microdata()?

  • Looks like this issue is a recurring one over your support forums but the code still remains in your core theme files…

  • Hi there,

    I can’t recall other mentions of this issue. Our support forum will be flooded with this complaint if the code causes a fatal PHP error.

    Can you try reinstalling the theme first?

  • I can see the problem code in the core theme files though so how would that fix it?

    Just because it causes fatal error on some sites doesnt mean it would cause on all. I found at least 3 other topics created with the same issue and same code identified.

    Can you please flag it to one of the theme developers just to check on it? Thank you.

  • Would it be an issue to just copy header.php to child theme and remove the problematic code. This was recommendation to us by our server consultant.

    Just wanted to flag this here as well because there is definitely something weird going on.

  • Hi there,

    It is quite challenging to debug because we cannot replicate the issue. Most of the previous users facing a similar problem have resolved the issue on their own. By the way, do the sites that have this error have something in common, such as using a child theme or something else?

    Would it be an issue to just copy header.php to child theme and remove the problematic code.

    It should be fine to do for temporary fixes, as the function only adds basic microdata to the site. If you’ve already added more specific or complex microdata/JSON-LD using another plugin, then that’s okay.

    We will highlight the issue to the dev team as well to check on this.

  • Where is the function located? Functions.php?

    I wonder why its identified as undefined.

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