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Price increases

  • Please explain what are the consequences here.

    I have a lifetime GeneratePress Premium license and have been paying $39 a year for GenerateBlocks Pro.

    I’ve seen recent changes in rates and they look like a total no-go unless existing users can keep working with the terms they previously signed up for.

    Please don’t BS me. I can read through things and will not hesitate to move away from you if I feel shortchanged.

  • Hi there,

    Since you have an active GB subscription, you will continue to keep your $39 yearly renewal. Nothing will change in regards to your account or license as it is today.

    If for some reason you canceled your subscription and then wanted to manually renew at a later date you would renew at the prices at the time of renewal (currently the personal is $59).

    Hope this helps!

    Let me know if you have any further questions,

  • Thanks for the reply. We get so used to unilateral changes that it’s easy to have an adverse reaction.

  • No worries at all! 🙂

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