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Pricing table formatting

  • Hi there, I am using the pricing table formatting but it seems slightly inflexible if I want to align everything. I have tried playing around with spaces, entering etc to line everything up but can’t get the separator and price to line up on same line etc. My content is not exact for each box and don’t want to shorten it just t make everything line up.

    Any ideas about how to go about this? See home page am referring to in private.

  • Hi there,

    You can try setting a fixed height to each element in the table:

    Let me know if this helps 🙂

  • Sorry not seeing any height option within the table elements only for the block container overall?

  • You would want to rebuild that using GB’s Grid block and Headline blocks to use those options:

  • Ok could you not have explained that first? This is not straight forward.

  • I didn’t realize you were using WP’s columns block. You have opened lots of topics already so I assumed you would build everything using GB already 🙂

  • I’m getting totally lost with this pricing table. The other chap actually explains how to do it versus refer me to guides all the time which don’t really help with specific scenarios. Never mind I will battle on and work it out myself.

  • Looks like you were able to align everything using the height suggestion I provided above?

    If you are still having more issues then please try my suggestion of using the Grid block instead of WP columns block.

    You can simply insert a Grid block and choose the 3-column prebuilt layout to start:

    It’s difficult for me to help and understand what you are lost on if you don’t try my recommended method.

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