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Problem with Footer Block

  • Hi,

    I am updating some websites to recreate the appearance of the originals. I completed two of them with custom footers and I am in the process of completing the third one.

    This time, I was unable to find a place to set the container to “full width” as I did with the others, so it is just a block in the lower left corner of the page. I am putting the url’s for the one with the problem and the one that is the way I want it in the “Private Information.”

    Please help.


  • Hi Jane,

    You’ll need to set the width of the Container Block to 100%. Reference:

  • Hi fernandoazarcon2,

    I did what you suggested, but it still looks the same.

    I want back to another site that’s working, the one I referenced initially. I think it is in an earlier release of the plugin, with different options. It shows three options I can’t find in the latest release.

    I provided a screenshot below of the settings I used on the other site, which I cannot find for the current one.

    Please help.


  • Those settings are from the older version of a Container Block.

    The newer version uses the sizing options now. I checked your site again, and the Container is still using a 1240px width.

    If you want a Contained footer content, you need to add an inner Container to your Container Block and give this Container a max-width of 1240px. Reference:

    Then, the parent Container should have a 100% width.

  • I followed the link. Unfortunately, the square inside a square symbol for adding the inner container block isn’t there on my site. I just have:

    Container – Align – Align Text – and Dynamic options.

    I went to the full set of options and it’s not there. Tried the search, still nothing. Now what do I do?

  • I got the full width, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to control the location of the menu column in relation to the left column of the content. It’s better now, but still would like them to line up.

  • For the Container, if it already has content inside, the inner Container option won’t appear. You can however add a Container inside and drag your content inside that new Container. That should work in the same way.

    How would you like the columns to align exactly?

  • Hi Fernando,

    I tried creating a new container and drag my content into it. I created a new container below the content I have created, but I couldn’t figure out how to drag it. Nothing I tried worked.

    You also asked me how I want the columns to align. I’m not sure I understand what you meant, but if there is a way to center the content I have inside the 100% width container, that would work. Can this be done?

    Please help.


  • I am also wondering what will happen with the ones I created earlier when I update the plugin. Will they still look the same?

  • The ones you created earlier should still look the same.

    I would suggest creating a Container with an inner Container, and then copying and pasting the Blocks – if dragging and dropping doesn’t work.

    After which, you should be able to center all your content or align them to your preferred alignment.

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