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Products by category block

  • I have a page that at the bottom I want to show all the products in the category (currently 35)
    There is 1 parent category, and 6 child.

    using the “products by category” I have selected the 6 child categories. The problem is it allows only a max of 6 rows. Is there a way to allow more?

    Note I know I can allow more columns but I don’t really want them to display any smaller (and even putting that to the max wont allow all the products. As it is all the products wont show on the page.
    I guess I could create it twice and put 3 child categories in one and 3 in the other but the issue then is that some products are in multiple categories…


  • Hi there,

    It would be best to reach out to WooCommerce support regarding this. WooCommerce WordPress forum:

    But, if you add your Products by Category Block through a Shortcode, it seems possible. Example of a shortcode:

    [product_category category="clothing,accessories,hoodies,tshirts,courses" per_page="12" columns="3"]

    You can add this through a Shortcode Block.

  • Actually, I think what it needs is a “next page” option. I haven’t had much luck with woo commerce but will keep searching.

    The above shortcode does work Fernando, but again, it needs a code for the page turning otherwise you just need to pick a number above the number of products you have and say for example 100 per page. Showing them all at once I am assuming will slow the site down

  • Hi there,

    you can read more info on the woo shortcodes here:

    there are a lot of parameters, including paginate="true" which you can add to your shortcode.

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