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Query Loop bug/fix – No Options under Taxonomy

  • Hi Generate Support,

    I’m having some issues with the Query Loop block recently.
    When constructing the Query Loop block and adding Taxonomies of Category and Tags, everything works. Upon refresh of the page, the Options under Taxonomies disappear while the Terms (under Select Terms) remain (Screenshot 1). This results in all of my Posts appearing (Screenshot 2), instead of only a select few (Screenshot 3).

    This problem can also be replicated when I save the whole Block as a “Pattern” while it’s working as desired, and when I reinsert the Pattern, the same problem occurs.

    Looking forward to your response,


  • Hi Alek,

    It seems like a Database/server issue.

    What if you try adding other Parameters like “Include” and choose a specific post, does the same thing occur to this Parameter?

    To be sure it isn’t a plugin that’s causing this as well, can you try #1 here to debug:

    It’s recommended to backup your site before proceeding with this.

  • Hi Fernando,

    I went through and removed all the plug-ins that I didn’t need/wasn’t being used and it fixed this issue.
    I wish I had gone through and done them individually to identify which specific plug-in was causing the issue, but due to time constraints I couldn’t do this.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • I see. Glad you found the cause! You’re welcome!

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