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Query Loop not loading taxonomies

  • The query loop is not loading values for the taxonomies (categories, tags etc).

    Can see on the REED theme once imported it looses the ‘Featured Image’ and posts in the RHS bar as they use the query loop with tags and categories.

    Strangely one of them does work but most don’t.

    Nothing showing in the SELECT TERMS box so can’t be selected.

    How to force the data/refresh/debug ?

    This is the selection showing

    and not showing

  • Hi there,

    For clarity, is this a new import where no changes have been made yet?

    If so, could you try re-importing the template but with non-GP/GB plugins disabled?

  • Yes new import with no other plugins on the site.

  • I see. Before you try re-importing, can you try #1 here to debug:

    It’s recommended to backup your site before proceeding with this.

  • Hi

    Thanks for that. I’ve tried that now but there is nothing relevant in the debug file.

    It’s a clean install of WP with the following steps which I have repeated 3 times to be sure:

    Intall WP
    Install GP
    Install GP Pro
    Enable REED theme from site Library
    That installs GenerateBlocks
    then the “Featured Posts” and side blocks have no content and when edit the homepage page can see that the Query Loop is not loading any category or tag taxonomies hence nothing to select and the content is empty, as previous images.

  • Hi there,

    so to be clear, some query loops are showing the terms? Which ones?
    And would it be possible to get a temporary admin login to the site to take a closer look ?

  • Hi

    There was only one on the side bar showing the terms.

    I managed to resolve it by deleting Taxonomies as a Query Parameter then recreating it. The categories and tags then show and are selectable.

    Has to be done one by one but it works.

  • Odd one, but i am glad to hear you got it resolved!

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