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Query Loop Overlay Boxes – Show images, Titles on Hover

  • Hi
    I try accomplish this look with generateblocks/generatepress (pro):

    In “Patterns” I found “Query Loop Overlay Boxes” … that seems like the right direction.
    But I can’t get GP to have the boxes/featured images responsive and filling the available screen completely, changing per breakpoint from 5 to 4 to 3, 2, 1 columns.

    And I would like to use the hover (first show only featured image, then on hover show colored overlay and title/date of post with link to single-post).
    When I try, the hover does not cover all of the box, as it does on the mentioned url.

    Your help is appreciated 🙂

  • Hi Sasha,

    For reference, can you share the link to where we can see the Query Loop you have now?

  • Hi Fernando

    Sorry, I am testing it locally, by downloading the mentioned wordpress-site (with All-in-One WP Migration) and installing it on “local by flywheel” on my computer.

    Maybe you can just point me in the right direction 😉

  • Here’s a few steps to follow:

    1. Set the width of the Post Template Block to your liking.
    2. Enable Dynamic data for the Post Template Block and retrieve the Featured image.
    3. Remove the gaps from the Grid Block.
    4. Add a Container Block inside the Post Template Block.
    4. Add any other Blocks you want inside the Container Block.
    5. Give the Grid Block of the Query Loop a class of my-query
    6. Add Opacity and Transition Effects for the Container Block. The Opacity for the Normal state needs to be 0. The Opacity for the Hover state is 1. Example:

  • Thanks a lot Fernando – I will try this out. If I get stuck, I open a new ticket.
    This one here can be closed – great support!

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