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Query Loop with multiple posts, but show first image

  • Hi,

    I want to create something as nytimes has (they are using WordPress it seems) with how they do sections on the front page, see example:


    I can make something like it, but then with a Grid and point the img manually. But is it possible to make a grid and query loop and show 2 or 3 posts in the left part and the image of the first post (with undertitle image text) in the right part?

    I tried using Featured image on Curren Post, but I think that does not work since it is not in the “Post Template container”. I tried with css class too on the Grid (cu-featured-img) but I get lost there too.

    And: how do I get a separator line between the posts? Meaning that I want a separator line between post 1 and 2, but no separator line under post 2. That won’t work with a border since that repeats.

    Hope my question is clear, best Geert

  • Hi there,

    Do you have GP Premium? We have a template that looks structurally the same as the example you showed above:

  • Yes I have. Thank you for the suggestion, but I think it looks different as this shows a big photo above the post (the central one) if I am not wrong. What I am asking is showing 1 photo (first) in a query with multiple posts.

    post 1 title. | Featured image of post 1
    excerpt. |
    — (separator) |
    post 2 title. |
    excerpt. |

  • Hi there,

    it would require 2 query loops to do that.

    You would first use a Grid Block to create the 2 columns. Making the first column 70% wide and the second column 30% for example.
    Then add a separate query loop within each,.

  • That is a nice approach. Thanks!

    Any light on the separator too? Only in between posts?

  • Can I see what you’ve done? And let me know where you want the separator.

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