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Reduce Image block size for mobile horizontal view

  • Hi,
    I would like to reduce the GB image block size for mobile horizontal view.

    Is it worth worrying about mobile horizontal view?

    The image sizes are adjusted ok for all other views and should stay for those as they are now.

    Link to site provided below. HOME has all GB Image blocks. The other pages all have a featured image at the top. Any images further down are GB image blocks.


  • Hi Mel,

    Most mobile Horizontal views equate to what your Tablet view looks like. If you want, you can edit how your tablet view looks, and that should reflect on your mobile view.

    This is the usual system for most website designs.

    The level of customization to have different styles specifically for various custom sizes would be out of our scope of support.

    You’ll need custom @media queries for that.

  • I just tested it in the browser simulator and up to 740px width the mobile view settings are used, which shows the image blocks at 100% page width. This is too large.

    The smallest Tablet width I can check is the iPad mini portrait mode at 768px.

    Can I just change the mobile view settings to stop and the tablet settings to start at a lower width, i.e. 480px (apparently the largest mobile portrait width)?

    Or is this also also out of scope of support?

  • The breakpoints we use – eg. 768px – are the most commonly used breakpoints in web development. Most themes and plugins use these as well. There are very few tablet devices that have 768px or smaller widths.

    Some element breakpoints can be adjusted, eg. the Customizer > Layout > Primary Navigation has a Mobile Menu Breakpoint.

    Other breakpoints are baked into the theme or plugin styles.

    You’ll need custom code for each element to alter their breakpoints. Reference:

    Yes, providing a custom code for every element of a website to change its breakpoint would be out of our scope. We hope you understand.

  • Ok thanks for your help.

  • You’re welcome, Mel!

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