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Reduce LCP score

  • Hi,

    I made some tweaks in WP Rocket to improve website speed. However, I am still failing core web vitals. I noticed it
    my LCP score needs improvement. When I checked the page insight, it’s with one display image of the recipe category, which is causing the issue.

    I have enabled lazy load for all images, but I did exclude this from the settings. I don’t know if I did it correctly. I have attached a reference below.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    This image is not lazy loaded, you did it correctly.

  • Hi Ying,

    Thank you for your reply. Is there anything I can do with this image to reduce LCP score?

  • Can you share the page in question so I can have a closer look?

  • Hi Ying,

    Here is the link.

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    looking those images, it looks like theres a image optimizer running from a CDN, if thats the case then you need to check with the image optimizer and CDN provider.

  • Yes, David,

    I am using the image optimizer plugin. Okay, I will contact them.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • You’re welcome

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