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reduce size of button, container padding & increase width of text

  • kindly help me with changing the size of read more button see attachment 1 here
    also here I want to increase the length of the article excerpt in container and reduce the padding of container of all the articles on home page as you see in attachment 1

    Secondly, I want to increase the width of the text in recent post section up to the full width of container. See attachment 2 and want to change the color of the same text.
    (this sidebar is managed in appearance>elements>sidebar

    Kindly help me out with this as i tried but was unable to do so

  • Hi Hussain,

    For reference, can you share the link to the site in question?


  • You can modify those by opening the Loop Template you have called “Blog/archive loop template” in Appearance > Elements.

    Just select the Block you wish to alter and make the adjustments through the Block settings.

    You can add spacing, change colors, and change other stuff like typography. Example:

  • Hi, I am still unable to add more text into the excerpt. can’t find any options

    also pl. help me out with the issue related to increasing the width of recent post block upto the full width of container. as attached in my first comment

  • 1. If you select the headline block (post excerpt), you should be able to find the excerpt length option in the dynamic data panel.

    2. You can change the container block’s paddings in the block element – right sidebar, it’s currently set to 50px (the green part shown in the below screenshot), you can reduce the left and right paddings.

  • with the elements option, I was able to change the dimension of read more button. but now the problem is for some of the post, the button is overlapping with the container and if i reduce the width, it will overlap with the excerpt. Pl guide.

    see attachment

    How can i make it auto positioning as per the container size?

  • The container block which contains the excerpt and the read more button has been set toheight:100px, removing that value should fix your issue.

  • how can i change or remove it plz guide.
    I try to find out that but unable to do so (see attachment)

  • It’s the direct parent container of the excerpt and the button:
    Highlighted in yellow:

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