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RTL GenerateBlock Error

  • Hi,

    The background seems to show on the wrong end on rtl site.

    Please check video –

    For the Arabic site the background needs to be behind the image.


  • Hi there,

    hmmm…. tricky one as the background is a linear gradient and thats pure CSS so it will not respond to RTL.
    You could try this:

    1. Select the Container Block that has the Gradient Attached to it:
    1.1 set the gradients SELECTOR to Pseudo Element.
    1.2 In Advanced > Additional CSS Classes add: has-gradient

    Save that

    2. In your CSS add this:

    [dir='rtl'] .gb-container.has-gradient:after {
      transform: scaleX(-100%);

    What that should do is flip the pseudo element on a RTL site.

    But you will have to do that for every container that has the gradient.

  • Hi,

    Is there an easier way to do this, I am not so good with coding.

  • There isn’t unfortunately.
    The only code required is part 2. Which you can copy and paste into the Customizer > Additional CSS at the very top.

  • Thank you. I followed the steps, it almost fixes the issue. The styling of image is still not right on RTL. There needs to be an empty space before the image.!AuXcuhKseNVhk_g6upsEyITzGdZ2Gw?e=4MwuX0

  • OK, the only way to resolve that would be to change the design so that Container Block has equal Left and Right Padding….

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