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scalable error

  • I am getting this error on many pages – The document must not use the <user-scalable=”no”> parameter in the <meta name=”viewport”> element because it disables text scaling and zooming which is essential to users with low vision.

    how can i do this in your theme

  • Hi there,

    Where did this error appear? I’ve inspected your website code and the <meta name="viewport"> tag doesn’t contain the <user-scalable="no"> parameter.

  • I suppose it is a false signal

  • Hi there,

    by default GP adds this viewport meta:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

    Which you can see does not include that parameter.
    If i check the Source Code of the site in a desktop browser i can see the meta tag is still there and intact:

    And if i search for the user-scalable parameter in case something else is adding it , i find no sign of it.

    So i checked on Mobile to see what its doing, and again the viewport meta added by the theme is correct and intact.

    But i do find the user-scalable="no" is being used inside the Mobile Advert iFrames viewport meta which is a completely understandable for an advert iframe. And something you have no control over.

    Report back to sitebulb as its seems their auditing for that meta tag could be improved. ie. check for the viewport only in the main doc.

  • Ok, thanks for the explanation. Makes sense to me now.

  • You’re welcome

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