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Search icon twice

  • Hi, if I enable the search icon under “Design/Customizer/Primary Navigation – Enable navigation search modal” it is shown twice. How to solve that?
    Search Icon twice

  • Hi there,

    Can you go to customize > general, and change icon type from font to svg?

  • Hi there,

    the icon type IS svg! If I change it to font, both magnifying glasses are gone.

  • It seems to be a problem together with Beaver Builder. If I go to
    Settings – Beaver Builder – Fontello and activate it, I have the double glass.
    Is there any solution to avoid that?

  • Hi there,

    the issue arises becuase Fontello adds fonts using CSS, and they automatically load all the fonts, including the one for the icon-search class, which is a CSS Class that GP also uses for its search icon…

    To stop fontello from effecting GPs search, add this CSS:

    .gp-icon.icon-search:before {
        content: none;
  • Thanks!!! Worked! 👍

  • Glad to hear that

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