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Search Result Page Style

  • Hi, i have this search result page, see below, and I would need to get a black frame around it.

  • Hi there,

    More Perfect would be the same look as the posts on the index page, incl hover, could this be done?

    Can you link me to the index page? I tried blog, but it’s empty.

    Let me know 🙂

  • Hi Ying, Sure!

  • Hi there,

    Create a new Block Element with the Content Template type, and you can copy the design straight to this block element. Just make sure all the Dynamic data settings are set, and under the Location settings, choose Search Results.

    More about content template:

  • Hi,
    1. Search results are selected as Location

    2. I use Element type- Search Modal, it shows me the templates as in the index, with the same post. In dynamic data, I do not see search results.

    3. When I use Element type = Content Template, it does not show up.

  • Hi there,

    follow these steps:

    1. in Appearance > Elements -> Add New –> Block
    2. in the element settings sidebar set the Element Type to: Content Template

    3. set the Display Rules Location to: Search Results

    4. In the editor build the post card you require.

    When you publish that , does it appear in your Search Results ?

  • Thanks, All good now, I did not copy the existing template, I did a new one.
    Good Day

  • Glad to hear that!

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