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Sections Disappeared from editor

  • Everything was okay. Then I made an update/save to a page and the “sections” section of edit page disappeared. It is gone from all pages. No other changes were made.

    In the “screen options” settings, I now see “sections” checkbox twice. Both checkboxes are checked. I tried unchecking/rechecking but no changes.

    “Use sections” checkbox is checked.

    The page content of the missing “sections” is not visible on some pages, but visible on other pages.

    Caching is disabled

    Screenshots here:

  • Hi there,

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to with ‘Sections.’ Is this feature from another plugin?

  • See this link:

    I understand it is deprecated but I’d have to rebuild every page on the site to transitions to blocks. That’s a lot of pages. Sections still work fine on all the other sites I’ve built using them.

    Since this site was built several years ago, it was built with sections. I added screenshot of what edit page looks like with sections enabled.

  • Hi there,

    Does enabling the Classic editor plugin help?

    Let me know 🙂

  • No. I disabled classic editor to see if it made a difference but it did not. Re-enabling it made no difference either.

  • Can you link me to a page that the section is not available?

  • I see the sections, however, do you mean your existing sections disappeared and are uneditable?

    Let me know 🙂

  • That is really weird. When I log in with your account, I see sections as you did. However, the “sections” I created are missing; there were 2 sections with content.

    But when I am logged in as me in my account, I do not see “sections” section. Sections is enabled but no section area. See second screenshot here:

    Third screenshot shows what edit page would look like with sections enabled and working.

  • The homepage and new homepage you linked don’t seem to be using sections.

    I checked the about page which sections are enabled, and I can edit the section without issue.

    Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

    Try login using my account, I think there’s something wrong with your account.

  • I logged in with trouble (your) account. I was able to rebuild the page using that account. Why would sections not work with my account? This is very strange.

  • There are three accounts on the site currently: two with Admin roles and one with an Author role. Which account did you use when you couldn’t see the Section? If it was the Author account, it might be related to security permissions.

  • No, it was astreetweb, an admin account.

  • It could be caused by another plugin you’ve installed recently. If you have a staging site, try deactivating all plugins except GP Premium to see if the issue persists.

    In the meantime, just use the working account to edit the pages.

  • I haven’t installed any plugins recently. I did notice that there was trouble using special character right arrow →. When I used that, section would not save.

    At least I have work around now.

    Thanks for your help. Without it, I would not have know that editor works in different user account.

  • Hope you can figure out what’s going on there, I agree with Alvind, it’s likely due to a plugin or custom code conflict.

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