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How to have a featured posts section on homepage

  • Hi. How can I make the separtor line reach from one end to the other.

    Also how can I make the line thinner?

  • Hi Erickimani,

    For reference, can you share the link to the site in question?


    password to view: eric66

  • Are you planning to show anything in your right sidebar? If not, you can remove it through a Layout Element. Reference:

  • I will be havng adverts on the right side bar Beginning below the line. How do I proceed

  • I see. If that’s the case, achieving that line wouldn’t easily be possible.

    What we can do is just an estimate.

    Here’s a CSS you can try for instance:

    hr.wp-block-separator.alignfull {
        width: 100vw;
        transform: translateX(-13%);

    To create a structure like that, you need to manually create a custom sidebar in your content. Then, you need to disable the default sidebar.

    This structure would allow you to create dividers that would stretch from end to end.

  • Is it possible to have the top part of the page above the line to have no sidebar and the side bar to be on the part of the page below the line?

  • To clarify, do you want to move the sidebar under the content itself on desktop?

  • Hi,

    Thuis is the actual website using anotehr theme.

    You can see that the top part allows for a wider picture and mroe text on the side with the sidebar beginning below when using desktop view.

    I want to get this done using generatepress please

  • Is your goal to achieve the exact layout of the example site?

    Do you also need the load more button for the infinite scroll?

    If so, you can not use the query loop for the main loop, as the query loop block does NOT support infinite scroll at this moment. You will need to set the Blog as the homepage.

    Then add a block element – page hero for the top section.

    The top section can be built using a structure like this:

    - Grid
     -- Container (width:48%)
       --- Query loop block (posts per page: 1)
     -- Container (width:52%)
       --- Headline: Latest News
       --- Query loop block (posts per page: 5)

    And the main loop’s style can be created via block element – content template.

  • Thaks for the info.

    I ahve created the page hero

    This is waht I get use the password eric66 to gain access to the site

    The blok element is too much to the left

  • You can center a GB container by setting itsmargin-left and margin-right to auto, for more info and examples:

  • I have created the block element-content template but it doesnt sow ont eh home page as the Page hero has.

    I selected location fromt page. How do i get it to show on the home page below the hero?

  • The location of the block element – content template should be blog.

    And then you can go to settings > reading, and choose your latest posts as your homepage.

  • Thanks gotit! Now the problem is that the blog element content template is covering over 3000 pages insted of just one incident. I have selected posts per page 1 but it is then repeated over thousands of pages.

    see screen shot

  • Hi there,

    where can I see that page ? Can you share a link to it ?

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