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Shapes for left/right?

  • Hey, is there a way to use the shapes for left and right? I have a header where i need some. Or how would you get this header design?


  • Hi there,

    to force a shape to be on the left/right of a container would require some CSS. And could get messy.

    What happens to the layout on Mobile? i can then propose an option.

  • Hey, i added a mobile link. There is no shape inside then

  • I would suggest trying this:

    1. Create a structure as below:

    - container 1 (background-image set to the photo)
     -- container 2 (max-width:1200px, margin-left & margin-right: auto), display:flex, justify-content:flex-end)
       --- container 3 (background-image set to the shape, background-position: left center)
         ---- text

    2. On mobile, set container 3’s background-position to right center via advanced background panel.

  • okey i did it a little different 😉 but now there is another question: how can i manage that the image dont get smaller

  • Place the image block inside its own Container Block.
    And set that Container Blocks > Layout -> Flex Child settings to:

    Grow: 0
    Shrink: 0
    Basis: 80px … adjust this to match the size of the image blocks width

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