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Shortcode for Hook elements not working

  • devashishsharma

    Hi. I’ve to hook elements named as “Newsletter Banner” and “Author Newsletter Banner”. These are custom hooks with names as “newsletter_banner” and “newsletter_banner_author” respectively.

    I used these as shortcodes wherever I wanted to insert the custom hooks.
    [portable_hook hook_name=”newsletter_banner”]
    [portable_hook hook_name=”newsletter_banner_author”]

    These were working well for months, but since yesterday (maybe after GP update, i don’t know), I can only see these codes instead of the rendered hooks.

    More in Private Information.

  • Hi there,

    the PHP Snippet you used to create the shortcode – how did you add it to your site ? And is the code still active ?

  • devashishsharma

    Hi. I added the PHP snipped using the Elements > Hook option. I used Shortcode option in wordpress implement the shortcut code.

    I’ve added two screenshots in the MORE SCREENSHOTS sections in private information.

  • devashishsharma

    Got it. Idk how did that code get removed. Fixed it. Thanks alot.

  • No problem – glad to be of help!

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