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social icon not compatible with theme

  • Hello! This theme is not compatible with social icon. My instagram icon is looking black while it is colored with other theme it’s looking good. Please resolve this problem. Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    please share a link to where we can see the issue

  • Hi!
    Pls go to footer and see instagram icon color. This theme is not capturing instagram actual icon color like others. This footer has been made with the help of elementor and they said it’s theme problem I also checked. Please resolve this problem.

  • Hi there,

    theres isn’t anything in the theme that would affect the styles of that Link.
    If you meant the circle color – that is a background color on the link, and the Theme doesn’t. add them.

    This is the CSS that is currently being applied to it:

    .elementor-social-icon-instagram {
        background-color: #262626;

    You may want to first clear any caches, regenerate any critical CSS on your litespeed server to check if its a caching issue.
    If the problem persist go back to Elementor and ask them to look again

  • But why all icons looking with their orignal color?
    I don’t know “regenerate any critical CSS on your litespeed server to check if its a caching issue.” how to do it?

  • One more thing when I upload svg so it look small

  • I don’t know.
    The Social Icons are added by Elementor.
    And their styles , including Instagram , are an Elementor style.

    You will need to ask Elementor what the issue is.

    Or add some CSS to fix it eg.

    .elementor-social-icon-instagram {
        background-color: #ff0000 !important;

    Change the #ff0000 to the color you want.

  • Hello! ok Thank you. I have done it with another format.

  • Glad to hear that

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