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Spacing between containers

  • Hello,

    I’ve created a purple grid section at the bottom of my ‘How we help’ page, which displays a couple of stats and facts in three different containers next to each other. The horizontal and vertical gap of this grid is set to 20px. If you look at the screenshots I’ve added, the spacing on the right looks bigger than the spacing on the left. The same goes for mobile when they are stacked; the top spacing looks bigger than the bottom spacing. How can I fix this?

  • That’s expected behaviour, as your text is left aligned.

    You can try changing the text alignment to justify.

  • Thank you, looks better now on desktop. And is there something I can do about the top spacing on mobile? View screenshot 2 for reference.

  • Have you resolved the issue? I don’t see anything wrong here:

  • Yes, thank you!

  • No problem 🙂

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