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  • @David I chanced upon your reply to this post –
    I am having all kinds of problems with speed (some of it is the ads ) But the above reply could as well be for me . the website has high INP as well as many others 🙂
    I have removed the preloading of the font already added in the server, as you suggested in the reply
    and Added the font as an element
    I Added offcanvas menu for mobile
    Is there any site specific suggestion you can give me ; thanks already

  • Hi there,

    the major issue will be the large amount of 3rd party scripts running on the page.

    If you run a pagespeed insight report on the page, the first DIAGNOSTIC is: Minimize main-thread work
    And drilling into that it shows Script Evaluation is taking over 25 second.

    Below that are 2 more DIAGNOSTICS that relate to that issue:

    Reduce JavaScript execution time
    Reduce the impact of third-party code

    Drilling into those you will see a long list of scripts from adverts and analytics

    So your site is currently prioritiing the loading of ad scripts and analytics which is tying up the browser from doing other things, like painting the page or responding to a tap or click.

    To fix it, use an optimzition plugin like PerfMatters, WP Rocket, FlyingScripts ( or one of the many others ) to Defer the loading of those scripts.

  • Thanks for checking

  • You’re welcome

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