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Sticky Navigation Header Shrinking

  • Hi Team! Another question for you – I have sticky navigation turned on but when scrolling down, the logo and header reduce in size. Is there a way to prevent that from happening? The mobile version is not impacted, only the desktop mode. My site is listed in the private information. Thank you!

  • Hi Dan,

    Do you want the Sticky Nav to be exactly the same as the same as the default Header?

    If so, can you disable the Sticky Nav first from the customizer? Then, I’ll check your site’s structure and advise afterward.

  • Hi Fernando, that’s correct – I’m looking for it to be the same as the default header. I went ahead and disabled the sticky nav. Thanks again!

  • I see. Try adding this through Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

    .header-wrap {
        position: fixed !important;
        top: 0;
  • That did the trick, thanks again Fernando!

  • You’re welcome, Dan!

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