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Table layout setting

  • The exact trick is switching the perfmatters’s Used CSS method to file.
    You can refer to the below documentation if interested.

  • Is that now working correctly for you ?

  • No. The layout came to the previous status after a while.
    Then I found the below code snippet is the key:

    add_filter(‘perfmatters_used_css_below’, ‘__return_true’);

    It’s not easy for me to have control over the initial layout.
    Now it’s fine for a while. Finally, I can adjust the padding setting the GenaratePress’ theme.
    For now, the mobile view will float horizontally, I have make about 15px to fix the screen.

  • I would suggest speaking to PerfMatters support – Brian really knows his stuff and uses GeneratePress in his own projects. He should be able to help you resolve the issue.

  • I keep in touch with PerfMatters support team.
    They resolved many issues including this one.
    The snippet code also comes from them in order to resolve layout shit in mobile view.
    However, I encountered the same problem in my new page:
    After setting the top container’ margin and padding to be 0, the horizontally float in the beginning went away.
    I guest the container or theme block have default value and things would differ if setting to 0.
    Anyway, I resolved the problem in this simple way.

  • Glad to hear that !

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