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Tablet / Mobile View doesnt work

  • Hi GB Team,
    this was the same problem 1 year ago…now i prolonged the update abo…and updated to the newest version but i see its still not possible to work in tablet or mobile view..everything become completely messed up 🙁 while the front end works ok (but with many CSS tweaks from my side individually…)

    can you help? it doesnt need to be absolute pixel perfect but it should render so that one can work with it…now it looks like this…

    thanx so much

  • Hi there,

    can I see that page on your site ?

  • Hi David,

    you mean you need a login for the wp admin right?

    thanx for your help. see below.

  • Ok, most of the issues i see in the editor are coming from the Themes editor styles.
    For example its loading this CSS:

    @media (max-width:544px) {
        .ast-page-builder-template .block-editor-block-list__layout {
            margin-left: 30px;
            margin-right: 30px;

    Which is adding 30px of left qnd right margins to the blocks in the mobile editor preview.
    There are other styles too that are affecting the layout.

    BUT before you ask the themed developer about that, can you clear any server side caches that you have , as that CSS has been cached.

  • i see. thanx david i will investigate this. caching: usuall we empty that several times a day, browser, server, etc. as we are developers also doing PHP and javascript stuff…

    so maybee its better not to use astra theme at all. what theme do you recommend to have the least impact to your interface etc.?

  • Its odd, the CSS looks cached in the editor … unless thats the way Astra adds it…

    We can only really recommend GeneratePress… it would be wrong for us not oo.

  • hi david,
    yes you right i think GP is cleaner and works surely better together with your gutenberg addon..i was not aware i found you after we setup whole astra theme we will recognize it once we relaunch the site ok 🙂
    thanx so much for us its ok now
    best wishes

  • You’re welcome
    And best wishes to you!

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