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Testimonial collapsible text/bloc

  • Hello, I searched through the forum but couldn’t find exactly what I want to implement.

    For testimonials sometimes the text is a bit long (especially on mobile) and scrolling and scrolling. So I would like to collapse the text (or the bloc where the text is) and add a button «Show more» with a drop down and up arrow. I’ve tried doing it with the Accordion but no success.

    In the private box there’s an URL to see what I want to achieve. The first column is the default testimonial bloc, the one in the middle I added a button to show the option to see more text. And on the third column I added some «blabla» text that would appear once the button is clicked and the same button stay beneath with «Show less» and the arrow up. That’s how I would like things to appear.

    If the button change from «Show more» to «Show less» is too complicated maybe juste a «Plus» / «Minus» icon instead would work, but in this case maybe fade away a little bit the bottom of the text to really give the intent that there’s more text to read.

    Would that be possible to achieve ?
    Thank you for your help

  • Hi there,

    It requires custom JavaScript which is out of the scope of the support forum, unfortunately.

  • Damn not lucky :/ okay I understand

    And without javascript the only solution would be to use the Accordion correct ? Is there a way to place the arrow below the text instead of right or left ? That’s the only idea I can come up with haha

    If not possible, no problem I’ll try to look for something else 🙂

    Thank you

  • Select the accordion title button, and set direction to column in the layout panel.

    Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

  • Got it thank you Ying 🙂

  • You are welcome   🙂

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