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Trying to make a post template clickable with dynamic data

  • Hello,

    I have a grid of business profile tiles that I’d like to make clickable. In other words, when someone clicks anywhere in the business tile it’ll take the user the business’s profile.

    I’m running into an issue when trying to use dynamic data for this. The set-up I have is: Query Loop > Grid > Post Template. I’ve tried adding dynamic data to the post template block, with these settings –> Data Source: Current Post & Link Source: Single Post.

    The problem is, when I apply these changes and check the live site, it has all the business tiles linking to one of the business profiles, instead of each tile linking to its respective business. You can check out the top three businesses on this test page for an example:

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi there,

    Select the post template block which has the class “directory-tile-container”, and set its position to relative.

    Let me know if this helps!

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