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Uniform Grid Containers

  • I have a grid with four 25% containers, but I’m having an issue maintaining a uniform height for all containers. The inherent image heights are all equal, and I’m trying to ensure that all grid containers scale uniformly as well, regardless of screen width.

  • hi there,

    Now generally we could use Grid Alignment to force columns to the same height by making sure the Grid Blocks Vertical Alignment is left as Default. Then the child container of that column could be set to Height 100% to fill that space…. BUT it won’t work here as the column contains hidden content, so the height 100% will mess that up when the content is hovered into view.

    Which kinda messes up any responsive options.
    We could jump through some hoops but it may be best to address the cause of the issue and that is the images aspect ratio.

    When the images are being resized to fit into the 25% wide containers, they are all given the same width, but because their aspect ratios are all different the heights are now different.

    Use images that have identical aspect ratios ideally square images to resolve that.

  • Thanks, I’ll edit the images and try that.

  • You’re welcome

  • All set, thanks again.

  • Glad to hear that

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