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Update Check Encountered Error on ‘gp-premium’

  • Update Check Encountered Error on ‘gp-premium’

    I’m getting this notification from a bunch of GP Premium based sites today via Wordfence. Any idea why?

  • Hi there,

    what is the Update Check Encountered Error ?

  • That is the error message. If I login to the site and look in the Updates area, there are no updates pending and no errors showing. Yet Wordfence is alerting me to that “Update Check Encountered Error on ‘gp-premium’”.

    However, in the Wordfence notifications, I can see more detail:

    Details: The update check performed during the scan encountered an error: Attempt to assign property “plugin” on bool [gp-premium] Wordfence cannot detect if this plugin/theme is up to date. This might be caused by a PHP compatibility issue in the plugin. Get more information.(opens in new tab)

    The “Get more information” link goes to

  • It may simply be the case that the GP Premium plugin isn’t on , so theres no way for it to validate the plugin. Could you ask their support if thats the case ?

  • If that was the case, this would have started happening years ago. If I’m reading their explantion correctly, it doesn’t matter if the plugin is on If it supports the WordPress API for checking whether it is current, Wordfence doesn’t need to know and doesn’t care if it is on It sounds like GP Premium has been supporting it (Wordfence has reliably told me when my clients sites need GP Premium updated for years now) but perhaps something in GP Premium’s support for that API isn’t working right with PHP 8.x or with recent WordPress updates.

  • I will ask the Wordfence team if there is any logging or other capability in their software that can help us narrow in on the cause.

  • Ill pass this onto Tom and the devs to take a look.
    Which version of GP Premium are you running ?

  • The sites are all up-to-date with GP Premium 2.4.0.

    In case it matters, my GP Premium license is a lifetime license.

  • Hi there,

    Nothing has changed in our updater recently.

    I wonder if Wordfence has a more detailed error they can share? The one they shared already doesn’t make much sense: Attempt to assign property “plugin” on bool [gp-premium]

  • Hi Tom, I’ve asked them that question and will let you know if I hear anything back.

    I’m assuming it has to do with GP Premium’s hooking into the WordPress plugins API and something going wrong with that integration per this from Wordfence’s documentation:

    When Wordfence checks for updates, it includes checking the WordPress plugins API. Plugins from sources other than can hook into the plugins API, in order to show their updates as well, but when those plugins have bugs in their update check, Wordfence cannot detect their updates. In some cases, those plugins could cause fatal errors, especially if they have not been updated for PHP 8. Wordfence now catches these errors so that scans can continue, but the plugin may still need a manual update if it is out of date, or the plugin author may need to fix the plugin’s update functionality.

  • Our plugin updater shouldn’t have any issues with PHP 8. I wonder if it was a one-off issue and if the next check will work. Is it still showing the error?

  • It has occurred several times now on multiple sites on two different servers (one VPS and one Dedicated server). GP and GP Premium are up-to-date on these sites.

    But it does not happen everyday so I think that means it doesn’t happen on every Wordfence scan.

    That’s why I wondered if there might be an intermittent issue with your update server rather than a PHP 8.x issue.

    If you’d like, we can leave this ticket as-is for a few days and I can report back whether I get more of these notices or not. I’m also waiting to hear more from Wordfence on the possible causes for this notification and/or a way to get more specific error log information when it happens.

  • More information would be helpful if possible. I’ll also run some tests on my end to see if it’s something I can get to happen.

  • I have not been able to get more information but this issue has also not happened in over a week. I’d say go ahead and close this ticket and I’ll re-engage if the problem reappears.

  • Thanks for the update!

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