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Use Meta Description for post excerpts

  • I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the post excerpts on the blog roll and category pages to be the meta description instead of the first few sentences of a post?

  • Hi there,

    To clarify, are you referring to the Custom Excerpt meta in the Post settings?:

    If so, if you fill that, that will be the excerpt used by your post automatically.

    If you’re referring to a custom field you have instead, you can still use that through a Dynamic Headline Block:

  • I was wondering if GeneratePress had the option to make the excerpts be the meta description automatically? So whatever I type as the meta description for that post, the experts on the blog roll will read the same thing instead of the first 55 characters of the blog post.

  • Hi there,

    how are the Meta Descriptions being created ? eg. an SEO Plugin , because if we can get that data then we can find a way to display it – but we may need the plugin authors assistance with how to get it.

    Let me know

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