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View all global styles

  • hi,
    Created a couple of global styles and I want to check them all at once.

    Is there a way to view all the global styles instead of clicking each one?

  • Hi there,

    are you wanting to view the actual CSS Rules of all your Global Styles ?
    If so, the simplest option is to use the Browser Developers tools on the front end of the site ( Right Click > Inspect the Page to open ) and in the Network tab view the style-global.css resource, its loaction for reference is: /wp-content/uploads/generateblocks/style-global.css

    If you mean inside the editor then create a draft page or a Pattern to add blocks with those styles attached. Then you have a place to view and manage them all.

  • Thanks, exactly what I was looking for: unminify style-global.css

    I used a couple of css variables but still had some px sizes in some places so this makes it easier to review it all.

  • Glad to be of help

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