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  • Hey, Thanks for providing great support but I am a little worried about one thing: getting frustrated.

    I have a website that is which is a DP images site. It has great performance according to Pagespeed and GTmetrix but according to user experience when I open it on my mobile it takes near about 3.0s which is too high. In the meantime when I am checking it’s taking less than 1.0s. They are using the same paid plugins which I am using.

    Can you please let me know what differentiates both sites and how to fix that issue?

    With Regards

  • I have replied to your other topic that applies here too.

    There are many variables that could affect site performance, even if both are using the exact same plugins. Are both sites hosted on the same server?

  • Yes, we both are using the same hosting server.

  • I just ran your site through PageSpeed Insights, and the speed index is already at a very impressive 1.7 seconds.

  • That is correct but when you open both websites on your mobile phone in incognito mode of your mobile browser. You will huge difference in opening both sites.

    I mean to say that according to user experience, it’s very slow but the other site that uses your services takes less than one second.

    Can you please check both site and let me know if you want me to update any setting?

    With Regards

  • Hi there,

    theres nothing in the theme thats going to make any significant difference in those site loading times.
    And testing both sites i am not seeing any real performance differences, they both load in about the same time.

    Looking at both the sites, the builds in way of content, site code and 3rd party codes , the two sites are completely different so you cannot compare one to the other.

    One major difference that is directly related to loading performance is Litespeed optimizations are present on the first site, but not on the second. I would recommend looking at the litespeed set ups first.

  • I have also installed litespeed cache in my website and I set up the litespeed cache plugin by following one of article on the Hostinger which was suggested by one of your expert agent (Alvind). It works much better than previous when I follow these steps of set up. But still the website can’t open within 1.2 seconds which is not good as per Google guidelines regarding website speed. Now, the website open in 1.8 seconds which means it takes more time as compared to other website which I could tell you above. Can you tell me what I can do so the website speed reduce to 1.2 seconds as per user’s experience?

  • As a rule of thumb, the recommended page load time is under two seconds. The current Speed Index for your site is 1.4s according to Google PageSpeed Insights, even on a slow 4G connection.

    Unfortunately, we have no further advice to improve that, as page load time is very subjective. Not every user has the same internet speed, which affects the load time on their device. You may look into implementing a CDN, but honestly, I don’t think that is necessary at this point.

    If you still need to try to improve it, you may reach out to optimization experts who have better experience and expertise in this area.

    Hope you understand.

  • When I generate report through lighthouse of homepage of my website then the performance score shows 90 and when I scroll down the report then it shows the problem of avoid excessive DOM elements. I don’t know about what the problem is and how I can solve it.
    Here is the screenshot of the report where this problem show:

    Also, it shows the LCP takes lot of time. So, can you help to figure out how it can be removed?

    With Regards

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