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What should appear after importing site from site library?

  • Hi, I imported the ‘Security’ site from the site library, but did not import demo content as I just want to replace the existing theme on a site but keep the content. Do I need to import the demo content in order to see the site styling? At present it looks no different than it did before I imported the site. Obviously I need to rebuild the hme page as that was built within the old theme but the other pages have retained their old content (which is what I wanted) but I thought they would pick up the styling from the imported site. Thanks.

  • Hi there,

    Yes, the Demo Content includes all the site’s assets such as images and logos, not just the posts or pages. If you skip those, you may not see the actual layout as shown in the library.

    We usually recommend importing everything first, and then removing any assets you don’t need. Importing content won’t replace your existing content, but we suggest doing this on a testing site anyway.

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