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What’s the deal with auto updates?

  • I am using GP Premium and GB. There is no option in plugins to enable auto-updates. Is this something that GP somehow disables for themes and plugins? I have not had issues with auto-updates and for an agency it saves time.

  • Hi there,

    This is a good question and we have noticed it as well. The auto-update feature in WordPress itself isn’t perfect and has some quirks – especially for premium plugins.

    Technically, it shouldn’t be possible to auto-update GP Premium until we make the updater code available outside of the admin area.

    I have tagged this as improvement so our developers will review this 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning this and your understanding!

  • Thanks Leo, What about plugins? I can’t enable auto-updates for any other plugin, not just generatepress.

  • Well this is strange, I am on Hostinger and I just found out that they have a setting to enable or disable auto-updates in their domain management settings. If I disable auto updates there, then the setting to auto update plugins becomes exposed in wp.

  • Glad to hear.

    The auto update is a WordPress feature so it would be unrelated to the theme.

    In theory, it should work for all plugins in the WordPress repo but not any premium/paid plugins.

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