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Where did full width container option go?

  • I think I’m going crazy… I’m trying to create a container that is the full width of the page, but I cannot find the option setting to choose full width. Didn’t it used to be in the Layout section of the container block settings? How do I achieve this now?

  • More info… I already have a site-wide Layout element with the Content Area set to “Full Width (no padding)”.

  • Hi there,

    if the pages content area is set to full width, and the page has no sidebars then the Container will be full width by default.

    If thats isn’t the case, share us a link to where i can see the problem.

  • I found the problem. I had the Content Area in the Layout Element set to full-width, but I also had the Content Width set there, too. When I removed the Content Width, everything started working. Case closed!

  • Aha … glad to hear you got it working!

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