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White Label

  • Hello Folks,

    I’m not sure if the term “white label” is still used.
    Here’s the scenario:

    Company A likes the content on UC –
    However, they want it on their corporate intranet.

    Is there a way to transfer content from a WordPress
    site to a corporate intranet?

    My core content on UC is text on pages (not posts).

    But, many of the currently 1,200+ examples under Patterns
    are posts (not pages) and contain links to YT-videos or to
    other content.


  • Hi there,

    it is possible.
    WordPress has the REST API which can be used to share data with other sites:

    But it is the kind of thing you will most likely need a developer for.

  • Excellent.
    Thanks, David.


  • You’re welcome

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