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Why it has different width of background color

  • hi
    how are you

    these two contents have the same content layout – it includes one container inside the parent container block, pls check the screenshot and

    I both added the background color to the parent container block, one is a full width color background, and the other is not , why it happened

    pls help to fix that, thanks

  • Hi Paulliu,

    The Parent Container Block for that section has a 1400px max-width value. You need to move this max-width to the inner Container instead so that that section spreads full-width.

  • Thanks for the quick reply and patience

    So, do you mean that the current total width in great background color is 1400px?

    And how much value each for the left and right white areas?


  • I mean the max-width setting, not the width.

    If you want that section full-width, remove the max-width value from the Parent container of that section.

    The white areas should go away after doing this.

  • Thanks

  • You’re welcome!

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