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Yoast Breadcrumbs not being detected by Google

  • Hi,

    I have being using Generate Press and Yoast for months and without issues. Since some days I noticed Google stopped detecting my Breadcrumbs. I can see them in my pages, I can see it active in Yoast and looks like I see them in my Generate Press (picture in attach).

    I did some troubleshooting in Yoast and looks like all is fine 8n their end so I am wondering if the issue is in GP …

    Could you try to give me some help ?


  • Hi there,

    What specific test are you using to detect if the Breadcrumbs is available?

    This shouldn’t be a GP issue since GP only hooks the Breadcrumb – nothing more. If it shows in the Frontend, technically, it should be detected.

    I’m thinking that your testing tool is seeing a cached version of your site or some other issue.

  • Hi Fernando

    I using Google Rich Result Test ( and I disabled my Cache Plugin already.

    When I open the source code I see two other Rich Results (Article and FAQ) but not the Breadcrumbs.

    Let me double-check something with you.

    When I go to Appearance, Elements, and Click in my “Breadcrumbs” I see

    “[/] Shortcode”

    and in Display Rules, “Post” and “All Posts”

    in Elements I see “Hook” and “before_entry_title” and Priority 10.

    Is the Priority Correct ? Are these other fields correct ?

    Just making sure it is correct inside Generate Press

  • I found the issue. It was in another plugin.

    Thank you !

  • I see. Glad you resolved it!

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