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Aligning Blocks/Containers to Images and Changing Colours of Icons

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to edit this page

    I set the text blocks to a light blue colour (#ecfafd) beside all of the images. There are different blocks/containers for each of my services (digital marketing, sales services and executive administration).

    I want to align the light blue container/blocks which hold text to the size of the photos, it’s looking too clunky right now.

    How can I do so?

    Additionally, I couldn’t find any articles pertaining to changing the graphic/icon that this site theme has.
    AKA the graphs, dart board, computer, and book.

    When I select the text to edit it (the headers, i.e. Digital Marketing, etc.) it doesn’t allow me to click on the actual icons to edit it.

    How can I edit the icons? and select different icons instead?


  • Hi there,

    I think the best approach is to use a background image for the container that contains the image. You can try this:

    1. Remove the image block and replace it with an empty container.

    2. Inside the new container, add the image from the block settings on the right-hand side under the Backgrounds option. Set your Image URL and the Image Size to Full.

    To change the icon, just select the Headline block and adjust the icon in the block settings:

  • Hi,

    Thank you for solving issue #2. I still don’t understand how to initiate your advice for issue #1.

    You said to remove the image block and replace it with an empty container, how can I do that?

    Wouldn’t that remove the image then? I still want the images beside the containers including the headings, icons, and body text. I just want it to be levelled.

  • Here’s a short video on how to do it:

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