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Copy all blocks – ignores colour change in container

  • So I thought that I was going crazy – but it does keep happening ..

    So I create an block element – insert the details / backgrounds etc – great all as expected

    I then click COPY ALL BLOCKS and create a new block element paste in all blocks – and make changes – but when I change the colour of the container – whilst its showing in the block editor as the correct colour the actual site shows the original copied colour

    Sounds loopy I know ! but it keeps happening and its kind of annoying – as the only way around it is to create new blocks from scratch – which makes a mockery of the “copy all blocks” feature

    I have linked to the current site in question – the “a luxury experience” element – the top one is the copied one and honestly its blue in admin – the 2nd I created from scratch – again I copied the text + buttons and again the button is white with blue text in admin (as it should be) but grey and white on site!?!

    Anyone else noticed this?

    As a brand new demo site there is only GP Pro, GB Pro, Cerber, classic widgets – no cache etc

    Is anyone else able to replicate this? I have not actually tested if it does this to non GP blocks actually… but then there would be no elements.. in case issue with COPY ALL BLOCKS feature.. hmm

    Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Copy/paste blocks means the both blocks are having the same ID, and GB’s CSS is based on ID, if the 2 blocks are on the same page, their CSS will override each other, so what you are expiring is expected behaviour.

    To solve the issue, you just need to duplicate the block, this step generates new ID for the newly duplicated block, then you can remove the original block.

  • wow you def learn something new then – I had not realised it was the same ID – they were on seperate pages / elements – bt in future I will try the duplicate then copy and see if that works as its been a right pain not having a workaround – thank you

  • You are welcome   🙂

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