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Copy my current homepage

  • Is it possible to copy my current homepage to generatepress?

  • Hi there,

    For a page like this, it requires more understanding of GenerateBlocks instead of GeneratePress.

    The theme can only control the site header and content container, it can not create the actual page content.

    But yes, you can totally recreate the homepage using GenerateBlocks plugin.

  • ok, thanks.
    How can I make the hero image sidewide?
    I can’t realy make it work, is there also support for making pages 🙂

  • Your homepage hero does not have the same layout as the other pages.

    So you can create 2 block element – page hero, assign one to the front page, assign the other one to the entire site, but exclude front page.

    As you are using GB Pro, you can add the shape to dashboard > generateblocks > Asset Library > shapes, and the shape can be used to the container block with the background image.

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