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GenerateBlocks compatability with WPML in 2024

  • Hi support team,

    my question is:
    Please let me know if the Gutenberg Blocks provided by generateblocks pro are compatible with WPML in 2024.

    Technical details:
    I’m planning a new multilanguage website with WPML:

    I’m using the theme: generatepress premium
    – Ok, it is compatible as stated here:

    And the gutenberg Blocks from: generateblocks pro
    – No statement on WPML-Website found

    Obstacles I’d like to avoid:
    – Custom XML-configuration files for WPML like here:

    Thank you very much
    Love your products


  • Hi,

    The GB plugin is a block plugin, it’s used to create content, I don’t see why it would have compatible issue with a language plugin 🙂

  • Hi Ying,

    As far as I know, it goes like this, please correct me if I’m wrong:
    – The WPML-Plugin needs information, from which parts of the HTML generated by any Gutenberg plugin it can read and replace text.
    – If this is defined for WPML for the GenerateBlocks Gutenbergblocks, everything will work fine.

    The long story:
    I year ago, I had this case with another gutenberg plugin, none of yours:
    – WPML-Plugin for multilang support in WP
    – Translation of content by external human translation agency, using the WPML-API
    – WordPress site with Astra Theme
    – A Gutenberg-Plugin for a timeline

    Problem was:
    – Text in the timeline plugin wasn’t translated by the WPML-API

    Solution was:
    – Adding XML-Config to the WPML-Settings
    – So WPML-Plugin would know, from which parts of the HTML generated by the Gutenberg timeline plugin it would have to read and replace text.
    – The XML-Configs contains IDs about HTML contents like header, description, year

    Thus my question about compatability.
    Please let me know your take on this.

    Thank you

    From 2024, About GB Headline Block

    From 2020:

  • Hi there,

    the GB blocks should just work with WPML
    The reason being is that the content is saved in your post content. NOT in the block data.

    From 2020:
    This still applies.

    From 2024:
    that user is using a GeneratePress Element and the GP Dynamic Data options to add Before and After text. And that requires separate treatment in WPML to handle the before/after text translation.

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