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Global Styles Grid Styling

  • fortyfivecreative

    Hi, I’m setting up some global styles for grid blocks that differ by background-colour and text alignment. Am I right in thinking that I need to set up a style for every background colour and alignment option AS WELL AS every grid column width? For example ‘background blue, text-align right, width 25%, then background blue, text-align right, width 75%’, etc? It seems that the grid column width is stored individually as part of the global style? Any help on best practice for grid-block global styles would be much appreciated. Thanks! David

  • Hi David,

    Yes, you can style each of the Grid containers and then apply the style in the page editor.

    Please make sure that if you are building the global style using GB 1.7 and GB 1.5, it can not apply to the Grid block which was built using the legacy system. The versions of the blocks must match.

  • fortyfivecreative

    Thanks for the reply Ying. Sorry, crossed wires, I’m hoping to minimise any inline CSS and keep as much as possible withing the global styles. Hovwever, it seems that even the column width within a grid is stored as part of the global style. In other words, I need to set a global style individually for every column width that’s used throughout the site. Is this correct? Thanks!

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