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GOOGLE automatic ads and content are almost seamless.

  • Hello, my website uses Google’s automatic ads, but the ads are always very close to the content, and I don’t know how to solve this problem?

  • Hi there,

    Can you try this CSS;

    .entry-content .google-auto-placed.ap_container {
        margin-bottom: 30px;

    Adding CSS:

  • After testing, it had no effect.

  • Hi there,

    The aspect of Google Auto Ads is that it displays various ads based on the metrics it uses. For instance, while viewing your site, I noticed that ads don’t appear within the content but rather in the sidebar area and as pop-ups at the bottom of the page. Consequently, targeting elements for spacing adjustments doesn’t work as expected because the ads area seems to be dynamically generated.

    I’m unsure how to manage this, but there should be a setting within the plugin you’re using to display these ads that allows control over such behavior.

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